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Daily affirmations help to promote healthy pathways through our mind.  They call in high vibrational energies that help to heal us emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.~Thoreau

 Affirmations for Healing by: Summer Rain  

      We are all magicians, weaving magic, creating, uplifting or destroying. Our words are our wand.  We must be careful how we wield such a sensitive tool, as we will spell out our very existence.  Speech that enlightens, empowers and honors who we are, illuminates our wisdom and strengthens a clear connection to the Source. We interlace intricate threads between our intentions and our dreams every day, bringing us closer or further away from actualizing them.  By respecting our magical nature, we become the mindful Masters of our fate.    

      Affirmations are words of healing, compassion, self love and soul expression.  By repeating them daily we clear a sacred path for our journey home. I originally wrote these for my personal path of healing.  They have helped me tremendously and continue to do so.  May they prove to be just as transformative in your life. 

 Affirmations should be recited with heart-centered awareness, within the space of gratitude.  Find a moment in your life where you experienced absolute love, pure joy, and were completely consumed by it.  Feel that experience wash over you, remembering what it felt like, looked liked, go into the vivid depth of the experience and feel your heart open just as wide as that memory achieved, and then once your heart expands, have absolute gratitude for it.  Embrace it with overflowing gratitude. Breathe into your heart, witness it growing brighter.  Now, recite these affirmations, saying them with conviction, passion and faith.  Allow the words to flow and water the seeds on your sacred path.        

My Temple
My spiritual Temple is within, whenever I seek outwardly for fulfillment I am gracefully guided back onto my path my Soul has chosen. For what I seek, is not apart from myself, it is My Self, it is the Source, the Blessed event of coming Home. I welcome the Wisdom that wishes to bloom here in my Garden. I welcome the clarity and insights that flow through my Being. I welcome the Light dissolving the darkness. I am Awake from a dream, full of symbolism and learning, experience and knowledge. I am intact, whole and *Alive. No longer will I *see* through a filter of conditioning. I will see with the full splendor, power, and spectrum of that of a Luminous Being. I will embrace every moment as Infinite, discovering the True essence of Gratitude. I will rest in Grace, Faith, Love and Acceptance.
I am Whole

I Release
I release all negative influence in my life. 
I release any guilt from my past choices.
I release those that do not Honor who I Am. 
I release my fears, having Faith in my Inner Guidance. 
I release my emotions, celebrating the flow of feeling. 
I release all that holds me back from Loving All of Myself. 
I release expectations, Trusting in the Wisdom of the Universe. 
I release the barriers I've created around my Heart. 
I Am free to Love with All That I Am.

Inner Gifts
I am clear and connected to own Inner Divinity 
I celebrate my Growth and Transformation
I unlock the potential of my Inner Gifts
I build upon my accomplishments
I make fully conscious decisions
I see the Gift in each challenge
I transform fear to Love.

My mind is Peaceful and Quiet. 
I drop Gracefully into my Heart. 
This is where I seek Wisdom and Truth. 
This is where I master Compassion, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love. 
This is where I am in Unity with Spirit.

I water the seeds of Joy, Peace, Love, and Wisdom within myself. 
I honor my Growth and Transformation, and free myself from expectation. 
I stand in my Truth, unchanged by outside opinion. 
I am safe and Secure in the strength of my Spirit.

I Am Healed
I am perfectly Healthy in Mind, Body, and Spirit. 
Every cell in my body vibrates with Healing energy.
I am receiving Healing in all that I do. 
I am Healing my body in every moment. 
I Honor this process of Healing. 
I am Healthy, Healed and Whole.

I Am
I Am Wise.
I am Kind. 
I am Loving.
I am Blessed. 
I am Infinite. 
I am Purified. 
I am Aligned. 
I am Radiant.
I am Balanced. 
I am Refreshed. 
I am Energized. 
I am Harmonized. 
I am Compassionate.

I Offer Myself To The Divine
I take in all that nourishes me Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically and Release all that does not.
I express the Highest vibration of Spirit in all that I do. 
I offer myself to the Divine with a surrendered mind and an Open Heart. 
I see deeply, speak truly, hear clearly and act with calm certainty. 
I Honor myself in this moment. 
I Love myself as I Am.

 I align my will, my thoughts and deeds with Divine Will. 
I open myself to Purification and Spiritual upliftment. 
I call forth the patterns of Healing, Wholeness and Regeneration, for the wellness of my body. 
I am surrounded by Divine Protection and free from negative attachments.
I express the Highest vibration of Spirit in all that I do.

I Flow
I flow with Illumination. 
I flow with Healing Energy.
I flow with Divine Compassion.
I flow with Unconditional Love.
I flow with the Purity of the Source.

Sacred Union
We Honor each aspect of eachother.
We Empower eachother to see our Highest Good and Potential.
We Honor our Love with complete Openness.
We Honor our Love by remaining Present.
We Honor our Love with complete Trust and Unconditional Love.
We focus on the Light this Union brings forth.
We focus on the Sacred Love we create Together.
This Union is Sacred.
This Union is Divine.
This Union is Everlasting~

My Heart
I listen to the voice of my Heart 
My soft Heart knows the answers
I follow my Heart's wisdom with complete and utter Trust 
My Heart guides me to my Highest Good 
My Heart recognizes the beauty within and around me
My Heart touches Oneness in every moment 
My Heart expresses the depth and beauty of the Divine 
My Heart only speaks Love 
My Heart only Hears Love
My Heart only sees Love
My Heart is Love

Peace Surrounds me.
I open myself to Peaceand the quiet Grace that I Am. 
I find Peace in this moment as I experience the depth of my Soul. 
Gliding, flowing freely through time and space, I am nurtured by Great Spirit's Faith.

I see with clarity those that are here to Empower, Guide and Support me.
I see with clarity those that no longer Honor who I Am and distance and release myself from them.
I see with clarity my life purpose and Trust that the Universe supports it.
I follow my Higher Self without hesitation and Trust that all will stay aligned and supported as long as I continue to do so.
I gravitate towards people, experiences and circumstances that keep me within my Heart and Empower me to blossom and grow.
I love who I am, exactly as I am.
The Truth of who I am comes from within.
I stand powerfully in my Truth, unchanged by outside opinion.
I am committed to Loving and Honoring myself first and foremost.
Igniting the fire within myself illuminates other Souls in the process.
Standing in my Power is an example for others to follow.
I release the past and honor the wisdom I’ve gained through all of my experiences.
I release the people who I’ve had soul contracts with and honor the positive experiences we've shared and the wisdom I’ve gained through our connection.
I respect and nurture myself by setting up strong personal boundaries.
I will not allow others to have power over me.
I will not look for fulfillment outside of myself.
I do not need validation regarding my talents or path work.
I will not allow others opinions to change the course of my day or decisions.
I will not allow others to belittle, bully, criticize, put down or judge me.
I am a strong, loving powerful being that does not second guess myself!
I trust the guidance of my Higher Self Always!
I believe in Myself!
I Am My Self
I Am

Zen Bansari
Peter Davidson Healing
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